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Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup Information

Permanent Makeup Information

If you find yourself saying yes to any of these below questions, then Permanent Make-Up could be a smart path for you:

Are you a career woman with little time to worry about waking up every morning and applying your make-up?
» Permanent make-up provides a solid jump start to your morning routine.

Are you a woman with a career which does not allow you to refresh or fix your make-up throughout the day? » For example: Hair stylists, doctors, manicurists, flight attendants, waitresses, saleswomen, etc.

Have you ever wished to revamp your eyebrows?
» Permanent make-up makes it possible for women to redesign their eyebrows. Many who have suffered from anything from excessive plucking-to radiation treatments-to graying hairs, have put permanent make up to their advantage.

Do your eyelashes ever make you feel as if you do not have enough definition?
» Clients will often seek permanent eyeliner due to the fact that they have thin, sparse eyelashes.

Do you wish to give your lips more definition?
» Whether it is because you wish for your lips to be fuller, to have more color, or to be rid of wrinkles-permanent lipliner can provide a solution.

» If you answered yes to any of these questions, permanent makeup may be a solution for you! Please find out more on our Permanent Makeup FAQ >>

Permanent Make-up Pricing

Consultation required!

  • Lip Liner ..... $350.00
  • Full Lip Fade... $500.00
  • Full Lips .... $600.00
  • Full Eyebrows with hair stroke …..$500.00
  • Half-Eyebrow with hair stroke……$350.00
  • Basic Eyeliner(top and bottom)……$350.00
    *For thicker eyeliner, add $50.00
  • Touch-ups
    One Year…$150.00
  • Skin Needling…$250.00


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